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 About Us 
PGH Insurance Marketing is here to serve you in any way we can. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and plan to stay in business for many years to come. We can only do this by being honest with our clients and providing them with the tools to make informed choices between available health insurance plans. Our clients are:

• Small business employers who cannot afford to staff a human resources department but want or are required to provide health insurance for their employees.

• Mid-size businesses that need help deciding what health plan or combination of plans will best serve all their employees and keep costs down.

• Individuals and the elderly who often need help understanding medicare and long-term care policy benefits.

• Individuals and businesses that need/want our FREE EVALUATION of their existing health insurance plans.
Our reputation lets them know it will be an honest assessment.
The Wrong Health Insurance Plan-Hazardous to Health and Wealth
Why pay for health insurance benefits that you don’t need and fail to get the protection that you do? Can you read an insurance policy and know what coverages are included or specifically not included? It’s the job of your agent/broker to make sure that your health insurance policy fits what you need and want to protect while taking into consideration your concerns and life goals.

At PGH Insurance Marketing we offer health insurance plans to individuals, business owners and employees. And we know and understand that to best serve you we must:

1. Ask questions so we can properly define our clients’ needs and wants. A 20-year old single person does not need the same coverage as the 20-year old with a family and neither of them needs the same policy as the 65-year old retired person. At PGH we do not deal in One-Size-Fits-All policies. Your needs, concerns and goals are important to us. We recognize that we have a vested interest in your welfare.

2. Research available policies that can be matched with these needs and wants. At PGH Insurance Marketing we are not affiliated with just one or two companies and are, therefore, able to search the market for an exact or close fit to what our clients need and want. We are familiar with the products of more than 40 companies.

3. Educate our clients about the various choices available in the marketplace and help them make an informed decision taking into account both needs and wants on the one hand and cost on the other. Anyone can give an insurance quote, even a nameless, faceless electronic blip on the Internet. At PGH we want you to know and understand the Peace of Mind you are purchasing.

4. Keep ourselves informed about the latest products and services available and government regulations and stipulations
about our products. At PGH Insurance Marketing, we spend many hours in continuing education courses and talking to insurance carriers about their latest products and services. We want you to have the latest and the best coverage. The choices for health insurance have never been more extensive, intricate or confusing — with more and more options and governmental requirements each day. Your benefits package can offer the options you want to provide at a reasonable
cost. Quite often, an employer will offer his employees one choice of health care. Most choose a PPO because it gives the greatest choice of doctors. Many employees, however, prefer HMO programs. Though HMOs offer fewer doctor choices, many people prefer them as there is no expensive deductible to meet each year. It is possible to satisfy both these needs and potentially use the savings to provide a wider range of benefits, including inexpensive dental coverage, life or disability income insurance.

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